The day the dance will die?

“Guitar Hero was able to succeed for five years. What they did was launch a new instalment (sic) every year… We have launched a few games now and what we see is consumers want more and more songs,” he said, pointing to the potential of DLC success. There’s a good chance this dance segment can be strong for four or five years like Guitar Hero.” – Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot

source – CVG

Oh boy.  It sounds like Yves thinks like Activision, and that franchises (or the music genre) is just a fad that has only so much life to it, so better ride it for all it’s worth.  The first Just Dance only came out in 2009, and there are already 4 games in the series (JD1, JD2, JD Kids, Dance on Broadway), with a fifth (JD3) due this year.

This will not end well.  Ubisoft will make money, just as Activision made money from Guitar Hero, but gamers will lose in the long run.

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2 Responses to The day the dance will die?

  1. Akaro says:

    Oh dear… gotta love their myopic choice of words instead of thinking in a healthy longterm.

  2. red_locker says:

    And it only took Ubi…how long to start slipping into the dark side? Pretty fast, actually.


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