And the 3DS’ best launch title is…

So the 3DS has been out in Japan for a couple weeks now, and we’ll be getting it in less than 3 weeks.  After looking at the launch list and the reactions from Japan, I have come to one definite conclusion:

The 3DS’ best launch title in North America is…

Pokémon Black and White!

Are we in 3D yet?

Wait, what?

Nintendo has committed a major blunder with the launch of the 3DS, the best game of the month is being released on the previous system.  Now the 3DS can capitalize on it since the 3DS is backwards compatible and can play DS games, but no one is going to buy a 3DS just to play old DS games on it; if anyone does play old DS games, then it’s because they bought a 3DS, tried the launch line-up, found it boring, and went back to their old DS games.

Pokémon Black and White is a major killer app, and can sell systems—except to people who already have a DS to play Diamond, Pearl or Platinum—and not just to those Pokéfans who will buy both special Pokémon DS bundles, and who use Alt+130 to get the ‘é’ character when spelling Pokémon.  However, Black and White will sell DS’s, not 3DS’s; after all, why spend the extra money for a 3DS when a cheaper DS will play it exactly the way it was meant to be played.  I suppose some might buy a DSi since the games are enhanced for that system, and maybe gamers will drop the extra dough for a 3DS, or they might get a DSiXL with those huge screens.

While it wasn’t so bad in Japan since Pokémon Back and White came out last summer, but the timing in the west is just plain bad.  I really think Nintendo should’ve held off on Black and White and made them a 3DS launch title.

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