Postcards from Azeroth

Well the 3DS launch was a bit lame in my opinion, other than the twin novelty of 3d and having Street Fighter on a Nintendo platform again, so lets move onto to something more fun.

Here’s some pictures I took of my time in Azeroth (that’s screenshots of World of Warcraft for those out of the loop).

Gunpowder barrels are the latest Goblin fashion trend, too bad he ain't a Goblin.

My only regret was that I was not the person who set off the gunpowder.

I'd like a piece of that action.

Reason #4,350,921 for hating Gallywix: he has a harem and you don’t.  There is little doubt that they know want fans to hate Trade Prince Gallywix, and want Boss Mida to take over the Horde Goblins, and they’re gonna sit on an expansion or patch that will make it so just to keep us dangling.  Well played Blizzard, well played you awful bastards.


Now I just have to sneak into Orgrimmar and fish Old Crafty out from under their noses.  So listen up you green skinned trogglodytes.

Please don’t kill me.

Oh Zen'kiki, you so crazy!

This guy was awesome, he’s neutral so everyone can experience the exploits of the world’s most incompetent druid troll.

Where is everybody?! Including me?!

I hope the Horde doesn’t find out Stormwind is abandoned.

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