Tripping over taxes

Judge rules Trip Hawkins liable for $20m taxes

The man who recently called out Nintendo for bringing licensing fees to video games has been reprimanded by a judge for not paying $20 million in taxes, and using bankruptcy to get the taxes wiped out.  He declared bankruptcy in 2006 related to the collapse of 3DO in 2003, and tried to get the taxes written of under bankruptcy protection, which would absolve him of his liabilities.  A judge shot this down, citing a clause in bankruptcy law that says bankruptcy cannot be explicitly used for tax evasion.

Judge Jeffrey White focused on Trip’s spending habits, which showed he was still spending large amounts of money when he knew he was in financial distress, suggesting he was using bankruptcy as a deliberate out to avoid paying his debts.  Bankruptcy is intended to give people who have gotten into financial trouble a last chance to save themselves, when things become too much for them to handle on their own; not for someone to just say “screw this”, blow up everything they’ve got in a moment of glory, and expect a free ride back to the starting line.

Sorry Trip, this is a poison 'shroom in diguise.

How odd that a person who doesn’t want to play by first-party rules, doesn’t want to play by the real world’s rules either.


udge rules Trip Hawkins liable for $20m taxes

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One Response to Tripping over taxes

  1. Spiracy says:

    Sweet irony at it’s finest.

    Rules are established to maintain order. For Tripp I’m starting to think his stance was never about developer freedom at all. It seems more like how to get as much money from people as possible without consequence. one crash or twenty crashes as long as the money is flowing that’s all that matters.

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