Stupid Hordies, and Alliance too

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Thank you Attention and Blabba for helping me finish For The Children, enjoy your complementary Lacrysta’s Official Memories of Utgarde Pinnacle Tasty Cupcakes ™ © ® Pat.Pend.  And don’t forget: Hail To The King, Baby!

School of Hard Knocks or as it should be called: “Stupid Hordies, and Alliance too“.

This is one of those cases where the BG being cross-server is a problem, as people on PvE servers like me, run into pros on the PvP servers.  While I’m sure there are nice folks on the other side who willingly drop the flag in Warsong Gulch to help out other players during Children’s Week, everyone I’ve run into are trying to win the stupid thing.

Also, it seems like the guys powerful enough to beat down an opponent and get the flag have already done this, so it’s weaklings like priests who are left trying to get the flag.  I was close to recovering a flag, but the paladin who actually got the kill grabbed it, ignoring if anyone needed it for the achievement.  Now I can understand that he got the kill and wanted to make sure the flag was sent back, but I was right there.

I eventually got it after a bunch of us pinned down the Horde player at the exit and I spammed the right mouse button as he died, but that was after at least 3 hours and about half a dozen rounds. I’m not sure what was worse, the waiting times (I had 18 minutes at one point) in the queue or the bugs that cause me to drop out and respawn at the graveyard every other queue.

Even worse than that, in terms of psychotic players, was capturing the flag in Eye of the Storm.  I get the flag and try to make for a tower, only to get opposition on the way back; my real beef is not with the Horde players trying to stop me, but the Alliance players who were letting me get killed so they could grab the flag.  I even saw a message in the chat window of someone explicitly calling dibs on the flag, BEFORE I bought it.

Whose dumb idea was it to put PvP requirements in the seasonal events anyway?!

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