Come on 4.2!

From what I hear so far, I’m eagerly waiting for WoW 4.2, probably more than 4.1, especially since I still can’t do the Zandalari dungeons cause my iLevel is too low.  My anticipation for 4.2 comes from two reasons:

1. Some new dailies.

I only just started doing dungeon runs seriously, so there was no way for me to boost reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal or the Earthen Ring, which rely on wearing a tabard into a level 85 dungeon to bring them up to Exalted.  Therazane has plenty of dailies (1500-1850 rep per day), the Wildhammer Clan/Dragonmaw Orcs has a bunch (1350 rpd), Tol Barad has a lot depending on who controls it, and Ramkahen has… a couple.  Oh sure, Ramkahen has one of the best dailies ever, but at 400 rpd, it’s also in the wear-a-tabard-in-85-dungeons-for-rep category.

The Guardians of Hyjal were supposed to have some dailies already, but none of them made it to the public servers, which might have been a good thing since they revolved around flying those stupid birds inside that magma chamber; that was more frustrating than fun.

2. Tier 11 gear is getting easier to acquire.

My main character is somewhere just below Tier 11, at iLevel 338, Tier 11 is 359 or 372 for Heroic Tier 11.  Blizzard will be tweaking the raids to make it easier to get the equipment, and changing the way Justice and Valor Points work as they’ll be bringing in new raids with Tier 12 gear; and since dungeons and raids have iLevel requirements, people will need the Tier 11 gear, before they can go for Tier 12.

The change that is happening to the Justice and Valor Points is that the VP will be changed to JP, and the Tier 11 gear that was bought with VP will be bought with JP instead; VP will stay around, but will have to be earned new, and will instead buy Tier 12 gear.  the one downside to this, is that there is a cap on JP, so if you have too much JP + VP, some of those VP will be automatically converted into gold.

Since I only just started running dungeons, I have very little of either; though JP does build up by running random dungeons, and you can hit the cap in a few weeks, so I hope 4.2 will be dropping sometime in June.

Patch 4.1 Patch 4.2
JP Below Tier 11  becomes JP Up to Tier 11
VP Tier 11  becomes
 new VP Tier 12

What they are effectively doing is upgrading the Justice Points to Valor Points, then bringing in a new Super Valor Points for Tier 12 items, then renaming it so they keep the names Justice and Valor.

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