And so it Begins

A few weeks ago, my WoW guild started Firelands, and managed to down Shannox, getting the first Eternal Ember needed for the Dragonwrath questline.  I didn’t get it.  We went back today, resetting the instance so we could get the guild achieve on Shannox (we had too many non-guild-alts the first time) and got another Ember; however, the person who won the first one wasn’t interested in trying for Dragonwrath and let us roll on the second one.  Being a casual guild, no one believes we’ll be grinding for this thing and getting it anytime soon (before Mists of Pandaria drops at least), so it was kind of laissez-faire from the beginning.

That being said:

1 down

So only:

  • 24 Eternal Embers
  • 3 Sands of Time (gold sink)
  • Branch of Nordrassil (which requires four Charged Focuses by completing special requirements from the first four bosses)
  • 1000 Seething Cinders
  • 250 Smouldering Essences
  • Heart of Flame (from Ragnaros himself)

…to go.

You can see why the first person dropped out.

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