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eShop has a Lousy POS

No you did not read that wrong, “has” not “is”.  For those not in the know, POS stands for “point of sale”. Some time ago, one of the things announced about the 3DS was that it would use actual money … Continue reading

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3DS Launch

I got my Cosmo Black 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV today. To be honest, I don’t feel like writing any more than that on the subject, there just weren’t any games I wanted apart from Street Fighter, which has … Continue reading

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The Sook-Yin Lee connection

While clearing out some old VHS tapes I had, seeing if there was anything worth keeping, I found something that totally blew my mind. Sook-Yin Lee is a Canadian actress and musician who used to be a VJ for Much … Continue reading

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And the 3DS’ best launch title is…

So the 3DS has been out in Japan for a couple weeks now, and we’ll be getting it in less than 3 weeks.  After looking at the launch list and the reactions from Japan, I have come to one definite … Continue reading

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NA 3DS launch line-up

Nintendo has finally revealed the official 3DS launch line-up, with only a month to go. Pilotwings Resort Steel Diver Nintendogs + Cats Super Street Fighter IV The Sims 3 Madden NFL Football Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Lego Star Wars … Continue reading

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Portable pricing profounds Pachter

Pachter: Nintendo will regret low 3DS price (Destructoid) “Pac Attack” is at it again, poo-pooing Nintendo; and after calling on Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii several times, now he thinks the 3DS price is too low. The … Continue reading

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Nintendo World 2011 – Take 2

So we just had the North American and European Nintendo Worlds, and like the Japanese one, they were both about the 3DS.  Living in Canada, I’m going to focus on the NA one. Price $250 is what I was expecting … Continue reading

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