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What’s in a Name?

Sony announced the name of it’s upcoming portable, deciding “NGP” wasn’t good enough.  They’re calling it the PlayStation Vita.  Vita is Spanish Latin/Italian for “life”, to me, it’s just one letter away from: *Thanks 8-bit for the language correction. Advertisements

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It’s official: Ico sucks!

O.K. so I might be exaggerating a might, but Fumito Ueda, Team Ico’s director said that the low sales of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus was because the games weren’t good enough; specifically, he said the games didn’t have … Continue reading

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Third parties still don’t like Nintendo (and Apple it seems)

Trip Hawkins (founder of EA and 3DO, currently head of Digital Chocolate and on EA’s board of directors) called out Nintendo for adding licensing agreements to the video game market, and that things were better when software companies made software … Continue reading

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Who’s in control?

So I was checking the VGChartz numbers on Gran Turismo 5, and while it is Christmas after all, it still managed to sell almost 5 million in its first month; if sales stay strong, they should hit 10 million sometime … Continue reading

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