What’s in a Name?

Sony announced the name of it’s upcoming portable, deciding “NGP” wasn’t good enough.  They’re calling it the PlayStation Vita.  Vita is Spanish Latin/Italian for “life”, to me, it’s just one letter away from:


Microsoft's greatest OS

*Thanks 8-bit for the language correction.

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Stupid Hordies, and Alliance too

*Cut from my WoW page and put here*

Thank you Attention and Blabba for helping me finish For The Children, enjoy your complementary Lacrysta’s Official Memories of Utgarde Pinnacle Tasty Cupcakes ™ © ® Pat.Pend.  And don’t forget: Hail To The King, Baby!

School of Hard Knocks or as it should be called: “Stupid Hordies, and Alliance too“.

This is one of those cases where the BG being cross-server is a problem, as people on PvE servers like me, run into pros on the PvP servers.  While I’m sure there are nice folks on the other side who willingly drop the flag in Warsong Gulch to help out other players during Children’s Week, everyone I’ve run into are trying to win the stupid thing.

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Shields Down

It’s been a week since the Zandalari rose, and playing a priest, the biggest change I noticed was how they nerfed Power Word: Shield.  For those who don’t play WoW, here’s the basic run down of PWS:
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Bringing down the House

May 2nd, 2011

Today is Election day in Canada, when we pick who will sit in the House of Commons, for some indeterminant length of time.

Today is also the season premiere of Canada’s Worst Handyman, it’s up to season 6 now.

What a coincidence.

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Bait and Switch

So Nintendo has officially confirmed “Project Cafe” for an E3 reveal, and a 2012 (post April 2012, but they’d be stupid to announce it now and sit on it until 2013) release.

They still haven’t shown it, or confirmed what tech is running under the hood, but my biggest fear is that Nintendo is pulling a Bait-and-Switch.  Oh no, “Project Cafe” is not the bait, the Wii is the bait, Cafe is the Switch.

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Rise of the Zandalari

While the play servers aren’t up yet, the update server is, and the April 26 update is Patch 4.1: Rise of the Zandalari.

De Zandalari be comin', mon.

... it's only 6 days late.

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New Sonic + Old Sonic =

…very likely to be “Still Gonna Suck Sonic”.

Sonic Generations is continuing one of the new traditions of the Sonic franchise, and I’m not talking about the “Sonic Cycle“.  This new Sonic game, being hyped for bringing back the old Sonic, which everyone seems to love more than the new Sonic, is being made for the HD consoles.  Now, this might end up on the Wii, both Unleashed and Sonic 4 were initially announced as HD games, and a Wii version was announced later, but it’s still continues a disturbing trend.

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