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Ew, wet dogs

And that’s the last of the fifteen beasts. Advertisements

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Portable pricing profounds Pachter

Pachter: Nintendo will regret low 3DS price (Destructoid) “Pac Attack” is at it again, poo-pooing Nintendo; and after calling on Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii several times, now he thinks the 3DS price is too low. The … Continue reading

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Nintendo World 2011 – Take 2

So we just had the North American and European Nintendo Worlds, and like the Japanese one, they were both about the 3DS.  Living in Canada, I’m going to focus on the NA one. Price $250 is what I was expecting … Continue reading

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So like “roar”

So yeah, five Enteis. Also put a preorder on a 3DS.

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Nintendo World 2011

So Nintendo World 2011 has come, and mostly gone, and the 3DS has been laid bare for the gaming public.  The thing looks awesome, and I’m definitely getting one, but there’s a few issues that stood out for me. Battery … Continue reading

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1 Shiny Raikou, 2 Shiny Raikous…

Yes I am some kind of Pokémon addict, I went to EB today and got a Shiny Raikou for Pokémon HeartGold, then for Pokémon SoulSilver, then for Diamond, Ruby and Platinum.  That’s 5 Shiny Raikous at my disposal.  Mwuahahaha! I … Continue reading

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Because I’m lazy, that’s why

Why didn’t I start this blog on New Year’s Day? Anyway, I decided to start the new year by starting a blog to post my thoughts on video games; and as you could probably tell, it’ll be about video games.  … Continue reading

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