The Cata Jump

The Mists of Pandaria pre-patch comes out next week, with Mists itself coming out 4 weeks later. With the Theramore event coming out, I’m trying to get at least one Horde toon to 85 before the 5.0.4 patch.  Then I ran head first into the biggest problem I had with Cataclysm.

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And so it Begins

A few weeks ago, my WoW guild started Firelands, and managed to down Shannox, getting the first Eternal Ember needed for the Dragonwrath questline.  I didn’t get it.  We went back today, resetting the instance so we could get the guild achieve on Shannox (we had too many non-guild-alts the first time) and got another Ember; however, the person who won the first one wasn’t interested in trying for Dragonwrath and let us roll on the second one.  Being a casual guild, no one believes we’ll be grinding for this thing and getting it anytime soon (before Mists of Pandaria drops at least), so it was kind of laissez-faire from the beginning.

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Happy Valentines and Sweet 13

I’ve been playing WoW for a little over a year (since Feb 10, 2011) and today I just scored the last piece of the LFR Tier-13 Priest set on my Draenei Priest, my first complete tier set.  LFR is the greatest thing in the game. Continue reading

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Heroic Deadmines

Completed my first Heroic Cataclysm dungeon.  It was also the first for my guild too; we tried to do a few before, but were lucky if we beat the first boss.  This time, we did the whole thing without wiping once, although it did get close in the spider room.

Oh wait, we did wipe once, on the trash after Helix Gearbreaker, we were trying to CC them, only to find some were immune, and that set them off; but we didn’t wipe on any bosses.

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I’m an Idiot

Or at least very inattentive.

Blizzard just launched the trailer for WoW patch 4.2, and if patch 4.1 is any indication, it points to 4.2 being released on the 21st.  However, the 21st is also the start of the Midsumer Festival.  This is where I am an idiot:

Patch 4.2 is called “Rage of the Firelands

The world event’s full name is: “Midsummer Fire Festival

Someone kick my ass for not seeing this a long time ago.

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Come on 4.2!

From what I hear so far, I’m eagerly waiting for WoW 4.2, probably more than 4.1, especially since I still can’t do the Zandalari dungeons cause my iLevel is too low.  My anticipation for 4.2 comes from two reasons:

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eShop has a Lousy POS

No you did not read that wrong, “has” not “is”.  For those not in the know, POS stands for “point of sale”.

Some time ago, one of the things announced about the 3DS was that it would use actual money instead of points to buy things.  This was an improvement as people would see the real price of things instead of a points value, except the conversion was a basic point to cent ratio, 100 points = $1.00; so the extra clarity was moot.  The real advantage would be how they could get away from the clumsy pre-paid system and have a proper checkout POS like Amazon or the PSN (when it’s working).

They didn’t do that, I think they made it worse.

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