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eShop has a Lousy POS

No you did not read that wrong, “has” not “is”.  For those not in the know, POS stands for “point of sale”. Some time ago, one of the things announced about the 3DS was that it would use actual money … Continue reading

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Bait and Switch

So Nintendo has officially confirmed “Project Cafe” for an E3 reveal, and a 2012 (post April 2012, but they’d be stupid to announce it now and sit on it until 2013) release. They still haven’t shown it, or confirmed what … Continue reading

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3DS Launch

I got my Cosmo Black 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV today. To be honest, I don’t feel like writing any more than that on the subject, there just weren’t any games I wanted apart from Street Fighter, which has … Continue reading

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Nintendo needs a kick in its “Big Balls”

So the current drought in the Wii is caused by the twin evils of Pokémon Black and White, and the 3DS; apparently Nintendo has more Wii games on the dock aside from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but they … Continue reading

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Third parties still don’t like Nintendo (and Apple it seems)

Trip Hawkins (founder of EA and 3DO, currently head of Digital Chocolate and on EA’s board of directors) called out Nintendo for adding licensing agreements to the video game market, and that things were better when software companies made software … Continue reading

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NA 3DS launch line-up

Nintendo has finally revealed the official 3DS launch line-up, with only a month to go. Pilotwings Resort Steel Diver Nintendogs + Cats Super Street Fighter IV The Sims 3 Madden NFL Football Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Lego Star Wars … Continue reading

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Who’s in control?

So I was checking the VGChartz numbers on Gran Turismo 5, and while it is Christmas after all, it still managed to sell almost 5 million in its first month; if sales stay strong, they should hit 10 million sometime … Continue reading

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