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I’m an Idiot

Or at least very inattentive. Blizzard just launched the trailer for WoW patch 4.2, and if patch 4.1 is any indication, it points to 4.2 being released on the 21st.  However, the 21st is also the start of the Midsumer … Continue reading

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Come on 4.2!

From what I hear so far, I’m eagerly waiting for WoW 4.2, probably more than 4.1, especially since I still can’t do the Zandalari dungeons cause my iLevel is too low.  My anticipation for 4.2 comes from two reasons:

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eShop has a Lousy POS

No you did not read that wrong, “has” not “is”.  For those not in the know, POS stands for “point of sale”. Some time ago, one of the things announced about the 3DS was that it would use actual money … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Sony announced the name of it’s upcoming portable, deciding “NGP” wasn’t good enough.  They’re calling it the PlayStation Vita.  Vita is Spanish Latin/Italian for “life”, to me, it’s just one letter away from: *Thanks 8-bit for the language correction.

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